A monthly delivery of art & literature is a great way to
remind someone how much you care, all year long.

You are one click away from filling your loved one's home with art! Subscribe now and we will mail them a fun monthly surprise all year long. The first issue contains a note explaining the nature of the gift. We cannot personalize this note, but you can download a beautiful selection of gift and e-cards here.


Subscriptions are for one year and include 12 prints of varying size, delivered once per month. Shipping is FREE. Each print features art on one side and writing on the other. Scroll down to FORMAT to learn more about what your loved one might expect!
Subscriptions begin with our next unreleased issue. Our mailing list is finalized on the 20th of every month.


There are no added fees and we do not auto-renew. 12 prints for only $5.75 each - amazing!


Our format changes monthly. You might get a 10-piece postcard set,
a small book, a paper sculpture, a large poster, and everything in between. We've published wildlife artfolk art, graphic novel excerptscollage, photographygraffiti-inspired portraiture, and many other strange and wonderful things. Check out our folios to see prints organized by calendar year. Large prints may be folded.


Learn more about our featured artists and writers in our exclusive interviews, and enter to win an exciting range of monthly prizes by sharing photos of your PAPIRMASS prints on social media.


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